Sonali Kulkarni receives criticism for calling modern Indian women ‘lazy’. Angry netizens say ‘please buzz off’

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Sonali Kulkarni receives criticism for calling modern Indian women ‘lazy’. Angry netizens say ‘please buzz off’

Sonali Kulkarni recently received flak online for her remarks on Indian modern women are ‘lazy.’ The comments made by her has left the Internet divided.

By India Today Entertainment Desk: Sonali Kulkarni’s latest comment on ‘won are lazy’ at an event has received a lot of scrutiny on the internet. In a recent interview with Bhupenddra Singh Rathore at an event, the Dil Chahta Hai actress spoke a length about modern Indian women and their wish for a well-earning, settled husband.

Sonali Kulkarni, who is a name to reckon with in Indian cinema, recently faced the heat on social media after her latest remarks on Indian women sparked criticism online. The actress at an event gave her views on how Indian modern women are ‘lazy’ and want a partner who should be financially sound while they will give no input in the household’s finances.

“Bharat mein bahut saari ladkiyan alsi hain (in India a lot of women are just lazy),” she said. “They want a boyfriend or husband, who earns well, owns a house and gets regular increments. But, in the middle of this, women forget to make a stand for themselves. Women don’t know what will they do.” She added, “I urge everyone to bring up such women in your houses that are able and can earn for themselves. Who can say that yes, we want a new fridge in the house, you pay for half of it, I will pay the other half.”

She further sided with men and said how they start working in an early age just to take care of the expenses and support their families. “I think when men boys turn 18, they have this pressure on them that the studies and fun are about to get over and now you have to earn. I feel like crying for my brothers and my husband. He got selected from the campus interview when he was all of 20 and he started earning.”

The remarks made by the actress seemed to not go down well with the Twitteraties. It received mixed reactions from people across. While men praised her courage and open mind, the women criticised her myopic perspective on the issue.

One of the women Twitter users contradicted her statement and shared how women are working day and night for a living. “#sonalikulkarni every single woman in India is a working woman – she either works at home, or she works in the outside home or she works for both. Now please buzz off with your load of BS.” A third woman showed her displeasure and said, “Disappointed in #SonaliKulkarni. I understand equality, I understand ‘SOME’ girls these days want everything ready-made. But you can’t generalise it. Because India is still male dominant. And if a woman is expected to bear expenses, what about sharing her unpaid million jobs?”

On the other hand, men hailed her for her words of wisdom. One of the Twitter users wrote, “I don’t know who she is but hats off to her courage to speak the unspoken unpalatable truth! “ Another man wrote, “ A Video for Life Time. Show me a better truth than this Hats off madam #SonaliKulkarni.” A third one echoed similar sentiments and wrote, “What strong words! Kudos #sonalikulkarni ! Imagine a man uttering these true words would have been lynched to death by now. Urban men mostly are in a state of flux right now. Mostly .”



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