Entrepreneur Zafreen Khan and her journey to success

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Entrepreneur Zafreen Khan and her journey to success

The owner and creative force behind Zaf Jewels by Zafreen, Zafreen Khan is a role model for all women entrepreneurs. From her admiration for travel and creativity, she has made an exceptional brand that stands out in the fashion industry.

The motivation for Zafreen’s businesses comes from her mum, who owned quite possibly one of the best Italian restaurants in Dhaka, Spaghetti Jazz. Zafreen was exposed to the world of creativity and entrepreneurship from a very young age. This ignited her passion for designing, driving to launch her own fashion brand that mirrors her exceptional style.

The strong influence of Turkish architecture on her designs is one of Zaf Jewels by Zafreen’s distinguishing characteristics. She stands out from other jewellers on the market thanks to her distinctive approach. Khan owns a store in Pink City of Dhaka, where she offers great after-sales service to make sure her customers are happy with their purchases.

Zafreen Khan’s work is distinguished by her meticulous attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Her obligation to give on-time delivery guarantees that clients keep coming back for more. She has also tapped into the clothing industry and her designs feature Swarovski-embellished jeans, jackets, summer shawls, clutch bags, and much more. However, Zafreen’s entrepreneurial spirit extends even beyond that. She operates a catering service that began in her home kitchen and serves authentic dishes.

“People who like traditional, home-cooked meals have started to really enjoy our food.” shared Zafreen Khan.

The story of Zafreen demonstrates that anything is attainable with passion and determination. She developed a distinctive brand that stands out in the crowded jewellery market. She has a dedicated following of clients who value the quality of her work and appreciate her dedication to providing excellent service.

For female business visionaries who are simply beginning, Zafreen is a motivation and an example. She has demonstrated that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to establish profitable businesses that reflect your individual style and passion.


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